Hurricane Irene fails to stop N.H. wedding

AUBURN, N.H., Aug. 30 (UPI) -- A New Hampshire couple refused to let tropical storm Irene ruin their wedding and found a new location when authorities forced them to move the reception.

Bill Luquette and Kyla Brown said they decided not to postpone their wedding when they heard Irene was expected to reach New Hampshire Sunday but they were left scrambling for a venue when the Windham Fire Department told them the reception they were planning at Searles Castle in Windham would not be safe during the storm, the New Hampshire Union-Leader reported Tuesday.


The couple said they found a new location, the basement of St. Peter Church in Auburn, and the disc jockey, Mr. Jonathan DJ, was able to organize a reception with catering services in only 3 hours.

GALLERY: The aftermath of Hurricane Irene

"Things just started to come together," Luquette said. "Our emotions were on the rise. It ended with us getting married and it was perfect."

The couple said the situation was somewhat humorous due to Brown's mother sharing a name with the storm.

"When they canceled the reception, my name was mud," Irene Brown said.


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