Don't try this at home -- or elsewhere!

By ANTHONY HALL, United Press International

Spelunking, anyone?

When it comes to dropping down wells or skittering down manhole covers or otherwise visiting deep, dark, dank, dismal places, what would be on the list of things you would not want to do?


Getting into cold water that is deeper than you are tall might be on the list -- as might getting into a hole with snakes, going down head first, doing this while drunk, or following up a crime by getting stuck in a vent.

In Worcester, England, Denise Brooks, 65, took a dive down a 400-year-old well this week after losing her footing while climbing down a ladder to fetch a water pump at the bottom of the well.

The Guardian reported that Brooks landed in 8 feet of cold water, where she stayed, hanging on to a rope for 90 minutes until fireman came to pull her out.

In League City, Texas, however, a 30-foot hole labeled "sewage" became the weekend home for a man, Kevin Gonterman, 25, who was not found and rescued until Monday, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Gonterman came out of the hole conscious although he had shared his time in the hole with some snakes, who gave him a few bites for his troubles.


In Ceres, Calif., a man went down a manhole head first in an attempt to relieve his wallet. Jared Merdeiros, 21, was found to be intoxicated even after spending 40 minutes with his head in the dark and his feet flailing above ground, KCRA-TV, Sacramento, reported.

In Englewood, Colo., in June, firefighters freed an unidentified 28-year-old man who had, apparently, stolen a purse, tossed it on the roof of a building, decided to fetch the purse, then found himself stuck in a ventilation vent for his troubles.

The Denver Post reported the man was taken to the hospital, but also charged with theft and trespassing.

What else is on the "do not do" list for the summer?

Perhaps operating on oneself qualifies.

In Glendale, Calif., a 63-year-old man attempted to use a butter knife to give himself a hernia operation.

The Glendale News Press reported the man was found on a lounge chair outside his home, naked, with a knife sticking out of his belly.

He was taken to the hospital and was listed in stable condition.

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