'Sniper' shot cat on family's porch

ALBUQUERQUE, July 29 (UPI) -- Albuquerque authorities said they are trying to figure out who used a .22-caliber rifle to shoot a cat on the front porch of a home.

City spokesman Chris Ramirez said animal welfare and Albuquerque police are investigating the Monday night incident in the neighborhood near Eubank and Indian School, KREQ-TV, Albuquerque, reported Thursday.


"People who abuse animals will also be involved in domestic violence and aggravated assault and other violent felonies," Ramirez said. "So we're always very suspicious of people who can commit a crime like that."

Neighbors said officers told them the shooting of the neighborhood cat, named Priss, was likely a target practice exercise.

"(Police) think someone had a scope and looked through the scope and 'snipered' him," said Carin Harman, the homeowner whose porch Priss was using when he was shot.

Ramirez said a felony count of extreme animal cruelty carries a jail sentence of 18 months and a $5,000 fine.

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