Costumed crime fighter patrols in Britain

SALFORD, England, July 29 (UPI) -- A British gardener said he has taken to patrolling the streets of his city in the guise of the Knight Warrior, a super hero dedicated to protecting the public.

Roger Hayhurst, 19, of Salford, England, said his mother helped him buy a blue-and-black lycra costume from the United States for about $330 and he dons the suit at nightfall to patrol the streets for fights and anti-social behavior, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.


"When people see me coming up it does tend to stun them into silence. I just carry on trying to get them to calm down, and eventually most of them do," he said. "If I think things are getting a bit hairy, I just back off and phone the police. They know what I am doing and have been very kind to me."

Hayhurst said he was inspired by other costumed crime fighters he learned about on the Internet.

"All I want to do is try and get people to like each other. I just want to do good in the world, that's all," he said.

The Knight Warrior's mom, Jennifer, said she was "slightly worried" when her son first began his quest, but she is determined to support him.


"His absolute genuineness is his best defense. He is one of the kindest young men I know," she said.

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