Prom invites go over the top in Md.

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OWINGS MILLS, Md., June 5 (UPI) -- Students at a Maryland high school say they have become more inventive in a tradition of elaborate and original invitations to the prom.

Public displays of affectionate, often-quirky invitations, most painted with "Prom?" and the prospective date's name, have begun showing up on the campus of McDonough School in Owings Mills, The Baltimore Sun reported Sunday.


Hopeful "askers" have shown up in classrooms with flowers, candy, balloons and even a pinata.

"You really want to make it hard for her to say 'no,'" said senior Jacob Taylor. "The whole prom event is over the top and this just adds to it."

The elaborate invitations almost overshadow other pre-dance preparations and keep the long-anticipated evening exciting, students said.

"I would feel slighted, if I didn't get one," senior Paige Kennedy, who watched as Dennis Chen strummed a guitar and sang a song he wrote inviting his girlfriend to the event.

"The worst thing you can be is unoriginal," said Paul Ballas, who packed numerous boxes of many different sizes into one large crate that his date-to-be opened from the largest to the smallest, which held the invite.


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