Survey: Women pack more undies than men

June 1, 2011 at 3:30 AM
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LONDON, June 1 (UPI) -- A British travel agency said a survey suggests men bring an average three pairs of underwear for a weeklong vacation while women tend to bring 10 pairs.

The Sunshine travel agency said its survey of 1,294 Britons who had taken seven-day vacations during the past 12 months found male respondents had packed an average 3 pairs of underwear for their trips while women packed an average 10 pairs of underwear for the same length of vacation.

The agency said 12 percent of men said they make plans to do laundry during vacations and 37 percent said they do not need many pairs of underwear because they "mostly wear swimming trunks" during the trips.

The agency said men estimated they use an average 98 percent of the clothing they pack while women estimated they use an average 62 percent.

"Packing for your holiday can go either one of two ways," Sunshine said in a news release. "It can either help build the excitement, or it can be an absolute nightmare. The majority of people tend to over pack, so the best thing to do is pack what you think you need and then go back thorough your bag and ask yourself if you really need everything in there.

"It's perhaps very unsurprising to find out that men and women have very different packing habits!" the release said.

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