Condom makers seek upscale market

NEW YORK, May 22 (UPI) -- The maker of the world's most expensive condoms says $65 a dozen is pretty fair considering the quality of the product.

Jud Ireland, CEO of Naked, tells the New York Post his condoms include a high-priced lubricant and are made with latex that is both thinner and softer than most brands found on drugstore shelves in the United States.


And, according to Ireland's sister, Marie, they have a visual appeal. "I'd rather have sex with someone who has a Naked condom," she told the Post. "The guy looks better, I think."

While Naked sells for $5 per unit as opposed to $1 for Brand X, the market for upscale condoms is growing. Ireland called Naked's target audience "edgy, hip and rich."

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