Man arrested for 'planking' cop car

GLADSTONE, Australia, May 13 (UPI) -- Queensland, Australia, police say they arrested a man for "planking," or lying over, a police cruiser after officers saw a photo of the act on Facebook.

Planking is replacing parkour as the latest fad and is picking up momentum on the Internet. While Parkour involves jumping, climbing, vaulting, rolling and swinging over urban obstacles, planking looks very much like taking a nap. It involves a person lying rigidly face down with arms at side while over, in or across an object, and then having someone snap a picture and post it on the Internet.


Online communities such as Planking Australia on Facebook have thousands of followers, with accompanying pictures of people planking on train tracks, fire hydrants, escalators and motorcycles, The (Brisbane) Courier-Mail reported.

Nate Shaw, 20, of Gladstone in the state of South Australia got himself in a spot of bother after local police saw a photo of him on Facebook planking on a constabulary cruiser Tuesday night, said the Australian Web site ninemsn.

Shaw was issued a notice to appear on a charge of being found on police property without lawful excuse. It is not clear how police tracked Shaw down.

Gladstone police Sgt. Matthew Russell said planking could be dangerous and practitioners may find themselves facing criminal charges.

"While we appreciate the activity is light-hearted fun, putting yourself and others at risk and breaking the law will not be tolerated," he said. "The activity is potentially dangerous, as proponents of the movement try to out-do each other by planking on structures and in precarious positions, putting themselves and others at risk of harm."

Shaw said he just wants to be the best planker there is.

"I know they're doing their job, but I don't really see the problem with a few guys having a bit of fun. It's not hurting anyone," Shaw said. "I haven't caused any damage. It's not breaking anything."

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