Cat survives trip under car hood

WINDHAM, N.H., May 10 (UPI) -- Veterinarians in New Hampshire said a cat was recovering from burns sustained during a 20-mile ride beneath the hood of a car.

Dr. Elizabeth Ring of Rockingham Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Windham said the cat, which has been named Axle in honor of its ordeal, was found by a motorist when she pulled into a shopping center parking lot Sunday after a 20-minute drive, WHDH-TV, Boston, reported Monday.


"He got burned from being on the engine, so he lost some of his skin on his pads and on his belly," Ring said. "But he's actually doing pretty well."

Ring said it took about 2 hours to extract the cat from the car.

"One of the workers over at the daycare, her boyfriend came and took the wheel off the car and removed the ball joint and then we were able to slide him out through the wheel well," she said.

"He could have suffered a lot more injury," Dr. Ring said. "He actually fared pretty well, considering, but he also could have died as a result. But he did really well. He's a tough little guy."

Ring said a hospital employee has adopted Axle.


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