Falcon couple courts by Harlequin office

TORONTO, April 18 (UPI) -- Falcon watchers in Toronto said a pair of birds have been engaging in a courtship directly across from the headquarters of romance novel publisher Harlequin.

Observers said Quest, a female originating from Rochester, N.Y., and Kendal, a male from Toronto, have been making scrapes -- the falcon version of a nest -- for over a week and could soon be hatching babies, the Toronto Star reported Monday.


Donna Hayes, chief executive officer of Harlequin Enterprises, was the first to spot the birds. She said telescopes have been set up in the office to allow staff to watch the peregrine falcons.

"They've been putting on quite a display of aerial acrobatics, spins and dives -- high-altitude flirting," she said.

She said the birds have been been seen copulating about three times per day.

Officials with the Canadian Peregrine Foundation said they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby peregrines.

"It's significant that this is happening ... we've got the whole world watching," foundation President Mark Nash said.

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