Potential narcotic thief gets the beans

PASCAGOULA, Miss., April 14 (UPI) -- A Mississippi pharmacist tired of thieves stealing narcotics says he outsmarted burglars by replacing a huge bottle of narcotic pills with red beans.

Pharmacist Mac Clark at Fred's Drug Store in Pascagoula had been hit by thieves targeting the narcotic pain-killer Lortab three or four times in the last six months, WLOX-TV, Biloxi, Miss., reported Wednesday.


"We know what they're after," Clark said.

Clark said he set the decoy bottle of red beans out as bait.

Around 6 a.m. Wednesday, someone broke into the store, triggering the alarm, and stole something other than what they thought what they thought was a bottle of Lortab, WLOX-TV said.

"Kidney beans, like you'd use to make beans and rice. I didn't have any rice to put in there," Clark said.

Investigators say the burglar may have cut himself or herself during the break-in because there was a trail of blood leading away from the building.

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