Special skirts hid stolen goods

AHMEDABAD, India, April 13 (UPI) -- Two women in India's Gujarat state allegedly used specially designed skirts to shoplift successfully for two years until the law got wise, authorities said.

Police arrested the two after accusing them of stealing goods from a supermarket in Ahmedabad, the Times of India reported Wednesday. Police said the women, wearing their usual special skirts, had left the supermarket without buying anything.


However, one of them was called back by a suspicious shop official and a subsequent search showed she had concealed items, including tea bags, toothpaste, shampoo and bathing soaps, in her skirt pleats, the newspaper said. It was not clear what aroused the shop official's suspicion.

Questioning of the woman led to the arrest of her alleged accomplice.

"The duo confessed that they were into stealing goods for more than two years," a police inspector said. "They had designed special skirts that can easily conceal goods without anybody's notice."

One of the women admitted she once used the skirt to steal 10 sarees (long flowing 6-yard-long garments worn by most Indian women), police said.

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