Feral hogs terrorize Texas neighborhood

FORT WORTH, Texas, April 13 (UPI) -- Residents of a Fort Worth, Texas, neighborhood said officials have been of little help in their struggle against property-damaging feral hogs.

Jeanie Turek and other residents of the neighborhood on the south banks of the Trinity River said they have had to call in landscapers numerous times to repair their yards and avoid fines from the River Bend Estate's Homeowner's Association, KXAS-TV, Dallas/Fort Worth, reported Wednesday.


"We have thousands of dollars worth of damage right here," she said.

Turek said Fort Worth Animal Services told her she would have to call police because the agency does not deal with hogs and police told her officers would only respond if there were currently feral animals on her property.

Local laws ban the shooting of wild hogs within the city limits, the neighbors said.

City Council officials said they are looking into options for helping the residents but they are concerned about the cost of such an undertaking.

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