Canadian charged $609 for ambulance ride

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island, March 18 (UPI) -- A Canadian tourist visiting the province of Prince Edward Island said she was outraged to receive a bill of more than $600 for an ambulance ride.

Kelly Morin of Finch, Ontario, said she was visiting Prince Edward Island with friends so she could see the Green Gables house in a national park near Charlottetown when she "started to feel very dizzy" and "passed out" on a docked ferry due to her hepatitis C, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Friday.


Morin said she felt ambulance workers didn't give her the choice to be driven to the hospital by her friends. She said she received a bill three months after the incident for $609.

"I could have took a jet home. Come on! This is ridiculous," she said.

The Ontario government does not cover out-of-province ambulance rides for its residents.

Morin said she is paying the amount in $5-per-month installments to avoid collection activity.

"They're gouging and they're trying to get away with it," she said.

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