Everyone loves pi on March 14

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CHICAGO, March 13 (UPI) -- The head of the math department at a Chicago high school says the hot dogs will be ready for throwing on Pi Day.

March 14 marks the worldwide homage to pi, the irrational number mathematicians presume has no end point in decimal form but begins with 3.14, which roughly translates to the 14th day of the third month.


Pi Day has been marked at many academic and scientific institutions since 1989, including Walter Payton High School where math chairman Paul Karafiol was finalizing plans for a hot dog toss Monday that will somehow work out to the value of pi, the Chicago Tribune said Sunday.

The newspaper said students will lob the hot dogs onto a floor marked with evenly spaced parallel lines. Karafiol swears the proportion of wieners that cross the lines works out to something like 1-over-pi.

The DuPage Science Fiction Society decided to go more with performance art. Members will recite 100 digits to illustrate the length and breadth of pi. They will then adjourn to a nearby Baker's Square restaurant for the kind of pie everyone knows and loves.

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