Decoration complaint has opposite effect

WINTHROP, Mass., Feb. 23 (UPI) -- A Massachusetts woman whose Christmas decorations are still up said she augmented the display after receiving an anonymous letter asking her to take it down.

Lauren Craig of Winthrop said she only had two small trees, a strand of icicle lights and a leprechaun to herald the coming of St. Patrick's Day out Saturday when she received a letter reading, "We notice that you still seem to have your Christmas lights up. I'm not sure if you are aware, but Christmas is over," WHDH-TV, Boston, reported Tuesday.


"Now let me ask why you would have Christmas lights with a leprechaun on your door?" the letter asked.

Craig said she thought the letter was a joke until it ended with the statement: "Something needs to be done. You have 3 days!!!"

"I actually liked keeping them up because it's so dark in the winter and it's been such a long, cold winter that it looked pretty at night," Craig said.

Craig said she responded to the letter, which did not specify consequences for missing the deadline, by buying all the Christmas and St. Patrick's day decorations she could find for her home. She said the display will culminate in a Christmas-themed party.


"It's kind of like mess with the bull and you're gonna get the horns," Craig said.

She said the Christmas decorations will remain in place for at least one more week.

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