Russian spy wants to help space program

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MOSCOW, Feb. 16 (UPI) -- Anna Chapman, the Russian spy turned TV host, has her eye on another career, designing uniforms for space centers, an official said Wednesday.

Sergei Krikalev, the head astronaut at the Gagarin Astronaut Training Center, told RIA Novosti Chapman said she was interested in participating in the design of a new uniform for ground staff there. He said she told him she was already helping with uniforms for the Khrunichev Space Center.


Chapman was part of a group of sleeper spies uncovered in the United States last year and returned to Russia in an exchange. She quickly became a celebrity, appearing on the cover of Maxim magazine's Russian edition and hosting a documentary show, "World's Secrets," on REN TV.

She is also a member of the political council of the United Russia Party's youth group, suggesting she hopes for a political career.

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