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Jan. 14, 2011 at 5:44 PM
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Ballerina may face fine for nude beach pic

MALE, Maldives, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- Tour operators in Maldives said a former Russian ballerina could face penalties for posing for nude photos on a beach in the country.

Anastasia Volochkova, a former ballet star with Russia's famed Bolshoi Theater, posted the nude photos to her blog Tuesday, RIA Novosti reported Friday.

"Dear paparazzi, just for you! You're hunting for us, stars, trying to take pictures of our pants, and even better to catch us without them. As if we have something others do not," Volochkova wrote in a note accompanying the pictures.

Maldiviana tour operator Lyudmila Mostovaya said Volochkova, who is still in the country on vacation, could face penalties ranging from a warning to a fine.

Calif. city nabs trout poachers

LANCASTER, Calif., Jan. 14 (UPI) -- Two trout poachers have been ticketed for violating fishing laws in a Lancaster, Calif., city park, authorities said.

Wardens with the state Department of Fish and Game and L.A. County sheriff's deputies conducted a daylong stakeout Thursday at Apollo Park after receiving complaints of excessive fishing, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Two people were issued citations for fishing with more than two poles and smoking in a county park, authorities said.

Poachers are usually found on days when the park pond is restocked with trout, which occurs twice a month on Thursdays from November to April, officials said.

In warmer months, the trout are replaced with catfish, authorities said.

Parks bureau officials said surveillance would continue on a random basis to enforce fishing regulations.

Shotgun-riding goat rescued after stop

HEMET, Calif., Jan. 14 (UPI) -- A goat confiscated from a suspected drunk driver in California is unharmed and could be adopted if its owner does not step forward, authorities said.

The goat was discovered riding shotgun in a car stopped Tuesday night by a California Highway Patrol officer near Hemet, Calif., the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Authorities suspected the goat was stolen after the driver and a passenger in the back seat denied ownership.

"It just sounds like they were on a drunken joyride, and the goat became their new buddy along the way," John Welsh of the Riverside County Animal Services Department said.

The goat was taken to the Western Riverside County-City Animal Shelter, where it was keeping company with a deer and several horses while waiting for its owner.

"What's really funny is that the officer that got called out to the goat this time is the same officer that responded to a goat wandering around a Carl's Jr." last year, Welsh said. "She is our official goat officer now."

Video shows subway rat on sleeping man

NEW YORK, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- A video posted to YouTube depicts a man sleeping on a New York subway train while a rat climbs his body and brushes past his face.

The video, posted Wednesday, shows the brown rat running down a Subway aisle and ducking beneath a rider's feet before scaling the body of the sleeping man, the New York Daily News reported Friday.

The rodent is seen climbing the man's leg and making its way to his shoulder before being brushed away from the man's face by his hand. The rat then runs down the seat and across the aisle.

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