$1,500 fine threatened for cat posters

BEDFORD, England, Jan. 4 (UPI) -- A British feline owner said he had to go around town taking down his 35 "lost cat" posters to avoid a $1,500 fine.

Mike Harding, 44, said he used cable ties to affix the posters to trees, lamp posts and parking meters in Bedford, England, after his cat, Wookie, was missing for six weeks.


Harding told The Sun he received a letter telling him he had 48 hours to remove the posters or incur a $1,500 fine.

"You would think the council would have some compassion," Harding said.

A Bedford Borough Council spokesman said the posters were damaging the trees.

"As well as damaging trees, fly-posting is also illegal," the spokesman said.

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