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Dec. 6, 2010 at 6:30 AM
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Man dressed in Santa hat arrested

CHICAGO, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- A man wearing a Santa hat and a fake fur coat apparently wasn't in a holiday spirit when he as asked to leave a Chicago store, police said.

Adam Klimek, 35, was asked to leave the Brown Elephant store because he allegedly was swearing at customers and appeared to be drunk, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

As Klimek, of Uptown, was being escorted out of the store, he allegedly pushed a store worker and fled the scene. Police caught him a block later.

When police told him he was under arrest and handcuffed him, he allegedly spit at an officer and kicked her in the shin, causing bruises and swelling.

Klimek was charged with felony aggravated battery to police, and misdemeanor counts of battery and criminal trespass.

Unabomber's Montana lot is for sale

LINCOLN, Mont., Dec. 5 (UPI) -- A Montana real estate agent says he has been getting calls about a secluded rural lot he is selling that once belonged to the notorious Unabomber.

Realtor John Pistelak told CNN that while the price of the 1.4-acre patch of land has dropped from $154,500 to under $70,000 there has been a level of interest since it went on the market.

"I've had all kinds of calls," Pistelak said. "It's very secluded. Hardly anyone goes up there."

The land in Lincoln used to be the site of the tiny shack where Ted Kaczynski holed up and put together a series of mail bombs that killed three people, injured 23 and had federal investigators baffled from 1978 to 1995.

Kaczynski, 68, is serving a life prison sentence and the cabin itself was carted off to a Washington museum. That leaves basically a patch of vacant wooded land that Pistelak says could be hooked up to electricity if the new owner so desires.

"With the history, it's got to be worth something," he said.

Head first preferred for cookie eating

CHICAGO, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- A Dunkin Donuts survey finds a significant majority of people who eat gingerbread men like to start with the head and work down.

The poll was linked to National Cookie Day, which was celebrated or at least happened Saturday, the Boston Herald reports.

An expert told the newspaper that where a person starts on a human-shaped cookie is a marked indicator of personality.

"If one chooses to bite the head first, it indicates an achievement-oriented individual, a natural leader, who won't take no for an answer," said Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

Hirsch said skeptics usually go for the right hand, the creative for the left arm and the sensitive for the legs.

Dunkin Donuts polled 500 people. Almost two-thirds, 64 percent, said they like to dive in head-first. While 20 percent go for the legs, only 16 percent go for either arm.

Squirrels delay Christmas lighting event

BOSTON, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- A money-saving effort in Braintree, Mass., went awry when squirrels chewed through wires on lights strung on four of eight Christmas trees, officials said.

Mayor Joseph Sullivan said the city left lights on the trees on the town hall mall last year to save the cost of taking them down and putting them back up, The Boston Herald reported.

The Christmas lighting ceremony scheduled for Sunday has been postponed until Dec. 12. Braintree is part of the Greater Boston area.

"We will have Christmas lights on the town hall mall, despite the squirrels' desire to thwart Christmas lights in Braintree," Sullivan said.

New decorations have been ordered and should arrive next week, the mayor said.

"We're not going to let the squirrels ruin our Christmas," Sullivan said.

He also said the decorations will be removed after Christmas so they won't become squirrel fodder.

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