'Disney Tattoo Guy' getting rid of tattoos

BETHLEHEM, Pa., Nov. 15 (UPI) -- Pennsylvania's "Disney Tattoo Guy" said he is selling his Disney collection and erasing his 2,200 tattoos to live out his own fairytale romance.

George Reiger, 56, of Bethlehem said he is auctioning his 5,000-piece Disney collection, including props from films and commercial merchandise, and getting rid of his 2,200 Disney tattoos in advance of moving to Miami to be with a 48-year-old woman he met at a recent Disney convention in California, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Monday.


"She makes me feel like a kid," Reiger said Thursday while boarding a Disney cruise in Cape Canaveral, Fla., with Kathleen, whose last name he did not reveal. "I'm totally in love."

Reiger said his Disney-themed tattoos served for a long time to alleviate his loneliness by gaining him attention at Disney theme parks and other locations. He said he now no longer needs them.

"I don't want to see them anymore," he said. "I found a new life; I want to start fresh."

The former collector said he plans to move to Miami in January and will marry Kathleen "whenever she says yes."

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