Hero dog has a ruff life

GRAYSLAKE, Ill., Nov. 5 (UPI) -- A grateful pet owner says his three-legged beagle's out-of-character behavior alerted him to a fire in his Grayslake, Ill., home earlier this week.

Owner Troy Whalen said Mr. B was "acting goofy" one day while Whalen was working from home, prompting the owner to investigate, the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.


GALLERY: A peek at Mr. B

"I thought maybe someone was breaking into the house, or maybe a huge bird flew through the window. I don't know, you think those sorts of things, you know?" Whalen said.

By the time Whalen reached the front of the house, flames were shooting in through a window -- and Mr. B "freaked out and ran back upstairs," Whalen said.

As he called emergency services, Whalen followed Mr. B upstairs, telling the 911 operator he had to rescue his rescuer hiding in the closet.

Grayslake Deputy Fire Chief Greg Formica credited Mr. B, who lost his rear left leg as a pup, with Whalen's easy escape.

"My new personal philosophy is, if a three-legged dog barks, listen," he said, telling the newspaper that Mr. B has gotten a whole lotta petting and treats since news of his rescue bark broke.


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