Obama streaker doesn't get full $1M

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 17 (UPI) -- The U.S. billionaire who offered $1 million to the first person to streak past President Barack Obama says the man who did it wasn't supposed to talk about it.

Juan Rodriguez, 24, an unemployed Staten Island, N.Y., house painter, only received $100,000 in cash, under an agreement struck with media mogul Alki David Thursday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.


David, of Beverly Hills, Calif., told the newspaper getting the full jackpot required meeting a number of conditions and Rodriguez didn't even come close, even though he streaked through a heavily attended Obama rally in Philadelphia earlier.

David said a key requirement prohibited Rodriguez from disclosing the terms, but the streaker talked only hours after the money was transferred to his New York bank account.

The mogul conceded the point of the stunt was to draw attention to his live reality-TV Web site.

"But it was also about challenges," David told the Inquirer. "The Web site is about challenges" and Rodriguez did not begin his naked run 10 feet from the president as claimed.

"His starting point was at 65 feet," David said.

The Inquirer said Rodriguez could not be reached for comment Friday night.


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