'Snuggle Suit' outselling slanket

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LONDON, Sept. 28 (UPI) -- A British catalog retailer said the "snuggle suit," an all-in-one fleece bodysuit for adults, is outselling its sleeved blanket ancestor, the slanket.

The House of Bath said snuggle suits, fleece jumpsuits with elastic at the wrists and ankles, are selling at a rate of more than 350 per month, outselling the slanket, a blanket with sleeves, more than 3-to-1, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.


The retailer is billing the snuggle suit as "prettier than a tracksuit and more comfortable for lounging in than a bathrobe."

"We have seen an unbelievable success in the sales of the 'snuggle suit' since we launched it this year," said Kate Whittingham-Jones, head buyer for House of Bath. "Sales haven't even slowed during the summer months, which has astonished us."

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