Parrot attacks burglars

COVENTRY, England, Sept. 16 (UPI) -- A young parrot that attacked burglars who invaded an English pet store could crack the case, police said, because it obtained DNA samples.

Caroline Hobday, who owns Hobday's Pet Shop in Coventry, called Jack, a sun conure parrot, a hero, saying the bird may have prevented thieves from taking more and doing worse damage, The Mirror reported. The burglars, who left a blood trail, made off with three corn snakes and another parrot late Tuesday or early Wednesday, killed some tropical fish and tore a lizard's tail off.


"When we got into work there was blood all over and Jack was perched on his cage squawking like mad," Hobday said. "All the evidence looks like he scared the thieves away and spent the rest of the night patrolling the other animals."

Police found blood and scraps of cloth in Jack's beak, which could be used to identify the thieves by DNA. A police spokesman called Jack "a very effective guard bird."

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