Woman gets third tattoo at 101

SPRING HILL, Fla., Aug. 22 (UPI) -- It took a while to get going, but 101-year-old Mimi Rosenthal now has her third tattoo, courtesy of a Florida tattoo artist.

This one went on her left arm, and next time she might get one on her butt, she said in an interview in the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times.


The first tattoo came at 99; it was a dime-sized butterfly; at 100 she had a small flower tattooed on her other leg. This time she picked a sunflower, perhaps in recognition of Kansas, where she was born.

"Her skin is so fragile, it's like uncharted territory," said Spring Hill, Fla., tattoo artist Michelle Gallo-Kohlas, who is responsible for all of Rosenthal's inkings.

The work took longer than expected, but Rosenthal liked the results.

"It's pretty," she said in the interview. So, will there be a next time?

"Next time I'm getting it on my butt," Rosenthal joked.

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