'Meh' button spreads across Internet

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 16 (UPI) -- A San Francisco tech developer said the "meh" button, a feature similar to Facebook's "like" button with an opposite opinion, has taken off in popularity.

Todd Greene, chief executive officer of technology and social games developer Pub Nub, said at least 1,500 Web sites have added the "meh" button to allow users to express feelings of apathy toward videos and other content, the New York Daily News reported Monday.


"What's great about real-time technology is that you see the results immediately. You don't have to wait," Greene said.

He said his team would be glad to develop a version for Facebook.

The word "meh," widely believed to have originated with animated Fox sitcom "The Simpsons," was added to the Collins English dictionary in 2008. The dictionary defines the word as describing something boring or mediocre.

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