Giant croc photo sparks ownership dispute

MANANGOORA, Australia, Aug. 5 (UPI) -- A photo of a giant crocodile in Australia's Northern Territory News sparked a dispute about where the picture was taken and who owns the image.

Jeida Francis, 23, said the reptile was killed in 1997 because it was attacking cattle in the Northern Territories community of Manangoora, the Northern Territories News reported Thursday.


"I remember when it happened. My aunt took the photo," Francis said.

He said the picture was posted to Facebook two years ago by his cousin, who appears in the picture.

However, Chas Cole, from Katherine, Queensland, claims the picture was taken two years ago by a friend in Queensland.

"It was a friend of mine, who was a structural engineer, who took the photo," Cole said.

He also disputed the cause of the croc's death.

"It tangled himself on the cables and drowned to death," Cole said.

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