In-store wedding a first for TJ Maxx

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich., July 29 (UPI) -- A Michigan couple's wedding in the shoe section of a TJ Maxx store was the clothing chain's first ever in-store ceremony, company officials said.

Drew Ellis, a reporter for the Mount Pleasant (Mich.) Morning Sun, married former reporter Lisa Satayut in the shoe section Saturday while customers continued to shop in other areas of the store, the Morning Sun reported Thursday.


The store widened the size 8 shoe aisle, the bride's chosen location for the wedding, and provided white chairs with red bows and a vine-covered arch for the occasion.

Sonya Cosentini, a spokeswoman for TJ Maxx's Boston corporate offices, said officials were delighted by Satayut's e-mail asking for the unconventional wedding facility.

"This is very exciting," she said. "We never had a wedding in a TJ Maxx store before."

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