Food bank mistakenly gives out dog food

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CLEARWATER, Fla., July 18 (UPI) -- A food bank in Clearwater, Fla., distributed a can labeled as a "superfood" that turned out to be a can of dog food, the recipient said.

On Social Security, retired Air Force veteran Frank Viscido made his weekly trip from his home in Largo to the Religious Community Services Food Bank in Clearwater for free food, The St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times reported.


Viscido was given the can labeled, "Senior Holistic Superfood" by a volunteer who noticed he wanted products for better health, the newspaper reported Friday.

"You're a senior. This ought to be good for you," Viscido remembered the man saying.

"Looked good," said the grandfather of four.

The label boasted glucosamine, beta carotene, vitamins and anti-oxidants for "sharp vision, strong Immune System, joint health."

And on the front of the can, "Healthy skin...and coat." "Superfoods every dog needs."

"It's the first time I've ever heard of something like this. We don't take pet food donations," Lisa Matzner, director of development for RCS, which provides food to about 7,000 people every month, said.

Matzner said the can probably wound up in the food bank by a well-meaning donor sweeping the contents of a cupboard into a donation bag, the Times said.


"When I came across this, I thought, 'It's proof,' " Viscido said. "I thought it's comical, it's real funny. What makes a joke funny? It's not logical."

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