Canadians shocked by Ore. goose gassing

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 2 (UPI) -- Some Canadians have expressed shock at an Oregon town for gassing 109 Canada geese and giving the meat to homeless shelters.

City leaders in Bend, Ore., ordered the culling of the birds with carbon dioxide, leaving them safe to eat, and the meat was sent to area homeless shelters, reported Friday.


Residents of Vancouver, British Columbia, expressed shock at the city's actions, with some walking around Stanley Park describing the culling as "barbaric" and "crazy."

Aaron Jasper, head of the Vancouver Park Board, said he was surprised by the decision.

"We don't take the approach of culling them. I think, if there's deemed to be a bit of a problem with the population, our staff will identify the nests, and we'll shake the eggs, and that's how we address the issue of overpopulation," Jasper said.

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