Bike event includes nude and zombie rides

PORTLAND, Ore., June 28 (UPI) -- Organizers of Pedalpalooza in Portland, Ore., said this year's 17-day festival included 298 bicycle-related events, including a nude ride and a zombie ride.

Pedalpalooza, which organizers refer to as a "loosely organized event" featuring themed rides created by participants, began June 10 and ended Sunday with the Multnomah County Bike Fair, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Monday.


Participants said events included the third annual Zombie Ride, a nude ride involving 13,000 stripped-down cyclists, the 1980s music-themed Bowie vs. Prince Ride and the Tiny Home Tour of Portland's smallest houses.

Stephanie Routh, a member of Shift, the "loosely organized non-profit" that puts on Pedalpalooza, said the most popular rides are often the most unusual.

"There's a difference between popular and critically acclaimed," she said. "The most popular are the weirdest."

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