Poll: 41 percent expect Jesus by 2050

WASHINGTON, June 23 (UPI) -- More than four out of 10 U.S. citizens expect Jesus Christ to return to Earth during the next 40 years, a poll suggests.

The Washington-based Pew Research Center said its telephone poll of 1,546 adults, conducted April 21-26, found 41 percent of respondents expect Jesus to return by 2050, while 46 percent said it would definitely or probably not happen.


The think-tank said 58 percent of respondents who identified themselves as white evangelical Christians agreed Jesus would be back by 2050, compared to 32 percent of Catholics and 27 percent of white mainline Protestants.

The poll, which had a 3 percent margin of error, found 59 percent of respondents with no college experience believed Jesus is coming, while 35 percent with some college experience and 19 percent of college graduates agreed with the same statement.

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