Son challenges mother's 'dog' will

June 20, 2010 at 4:07 PM
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MIAMI, June 20 (UPI) -- A legal battle is brewing in Florida over the estate of a woman who left millions in property and money to her pet Chihuahua, observers say.

Conchita the Chihuahua lives in an $8.3 million mansion, has diamond collars and a $3 million trust fund left to her by socialite Gail Posner, who died in March, The Miami Herald reported Sunday.

Posner's son Brett Carr is fighting his mother's will in court, alleging she was manipulated into changing it in 2008, the newspaper said.

"She never would have done that unless she was under extreme influence,'' said Carr, 46, who has a video of a visit with his mother in late 2008 in which she claimed her staff was trying to "kidnap and kill me.''

In the video, Posner asks her son to "get me out of here.''

Posner's will and trust will allow her three dogs -- Conchita, April Maria and Lucia -- to live in her two-story mansion until they die.

Posner left $27 million to maids, bodyguards and a personal trainer, allowing some of them to live rent free in the mansion in exchange for taking care of the dogs.

Posner's son got only $1 million. The remainder of the estate goes to charities, the Herald reported.

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