Expecting twins ... make that quintuplets

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JEFFERSON, Ind., June 20 (UPI) -- Indiana parents of three who had intended to add one more child to their family say they got a shock when doctors told them to get ready for quintuplets.

Christy Kessinger and her husband Bill Clark, both 29, said doctors told them an initial ultrasound showed twins, with three additional eggs that would probably disintegrate, The (Jefferson, Ind.) Evening News reported Sunday.


A follow-up exam then showed triplets, with two eggs left, the newspaper said.

An exam at eight weeks showed quadruplets, with one egg remaining.

Finally, at 10 weeks, doctors told the couple to prepare for the birth of quintuplets.

"When they said twins, we were like oh gosh! That's two more," Kessinger said. "(Then triplets) we said, oh my goodness! We were just stunned. (After hearing there were five) we're going oh no!"

Only about 1 in 47.5 million pregnancies result in spontaneous conception of quintuplets, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services statistics.

"Spontaneous" is defined as conceptions not aided by fertility drugs.

Kessinger's due date for the four girls and a boy is Oct. 26 and she says she's sure of one thing: "I'm definitely finished after this."


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