Fish pulls Florida woman into ocean

PENSACOLA, Fla., May 23 (UPI) -- A Florida woman suffered minor injuries Thursday when a fish she was trying to net for her husband pulled her off a pier into the ocean, observers say.

Patricia Tenuto was trying to land a redfish her husband had hooked at a fishing pier at Pensacola Beach, Fla., the (Pensacola) News Journal reported.


"The fish was in the net, almost to the pier, and it had a burst of energy," Tenuto said. "And it pulled me in with it. I was just hoping a boat wasn't coming."

As she held onto a piling under the pier, her husband called 911.

"Falling off (the pier) is always in the back of your mind, but it ... happened this time," Paul Tenuto said. "I didn't know what to do."

Lifeguards used a personal watercraft to bring her to shore where paramedics treated her, the News Journal reported.

And the fish? It got away, the Tenutos said.

"It was a good size one," Paul Tenuto said. "We'll be back for it."

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