Couple converts public toilet into home

SCARBOROUGH, England, May 3 (UPI) -- A British couple said they have completed a $22,800 project to convert a public bathroom building into a cozy home with a North Sea view.

Tracy Woodhouse and partner Graham Peck said they purchased the Victorian restroom building on a cliff in Scarborough, England, five years ago and local officials backed their plans to turn it into a home, the Daily Mail reported Monday.


"They gave us planning permission and praised the idea," Woodhouse said. "They called it the building's renaissance."

The couple said they spent $22,800 buying out the last seven years of the building's lease and negotiated a new lease at $2,700 a year for 21 years.

The former men's room has been converted into the home's lounge while the women's has become the bedroom and master bathroom.

"Some people joke about it. At work they'll say things like, 'Oh yes, you're the couple who live in a lavatory,'" Woodhouse said. "But we now have a lovely little house with a sea view that used to be a loo. We understand the amusement it causes. It tickles us, too."

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