'Stripper-mobile' may return to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, April 25 (UPI) -- The creator of the "stripper-mobile" plans to bring it back to Las Vegas but officials say they'll try to enact a permanent ban on the traveling strip show.

Larry Beard -- creator of the truck featuring strippers dancing in a lighted Plexiglas box to advertise local strip clubs -- said he wants to bring it back after a national "tour" to participate in Las Vegas' April 30 Pride Parade, the Las Vegas Sun reported Sunday.


The truck debuted in November 2009 with dancers from the Deja Vu and Little Darlings strip clubs, but when Clark County commissioners complained, Beard took it off the streets.

Since then, the truck has gone to New Orleans for the National Football Conference championship game, then to Miami for the Super Bowl. It also spent some time in Tampa Bay and St. Louis.

Beard said he hopes to have it back in Las Vegas in time for the parade, an annual gay pride celebration.

"I'd like to run it up and down the road a couple times," Beard said. "If I get half a chance, you know, I will."

Clark County Commission members say they want to rewrite an existing law to keep the "stripper-mobile" off the streets for good, the Sun reported.

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