Italian court frowns on workplace cussing

ROME, April 22 (UPI) -- It's still not OK for Italians to tell a co-worker "vai a cagare," a crude way of saying "buzz off," Italy's highest appellate court ruled Thursday.

The Cassation Court said the offending phrase, which basically translates as "go defecate," doesn't fall into the same category as the F-word, which it ruled three years ago is acceptable because it is heard in everyday conversation.


The latest ruling came in the appeal by a Piedmont businessman, who said "vai a cagare" also no longer offended people's honor because of its common usage, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

"The supposed desensitization of the collective consciousness in the face of dominant vulgarity cannot justify glaring injuries to one's honor," the court said in rejecting the unnamed businessman's contention and upholding a fine against him.

The court said it would be up to Italian lawmakers to change the law regarding the vulgar insult.

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