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April 9, 2010 at 6:30 AM
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Poll: British women spend 8 years shopping

LONDON, April 9 (UPI) -- An online survey suggests the amount of time a British woman typically spends shopping during her lifetime adds up to more than eight years.

Market research company OnePoll said its online survey of 2,000 women indicates the average woman in Britain will spend 25,184 hours and 53 minutes buying food, clothing and other items during a 63-year period.

The survey suggests women make about 301 trips to various stores during one year, amounting to about 399 hours and 46 minutes, with groceries accounting for 84 of the shopping excursions, and 90 of the trips being attributable to clothing, shoes, accessories and health and beauty items.

"Many men seem to think women only shop when they are buying clothes for themselves," a OnePoll spokesman said. "But they quite often shop for the entire family and that can be incredibly hard work."

Boy arrested for taking mom's jewelry

PANAMA CITY, Fla., April 9 (UPI) -- Florida police said a sixth-grader was arrested at the request of his parents for taking more than $7,000 worth of jewelry from his mother and giving it away.

Police said the Bay County boy told investigators he gave his mother's white gold ring and diamond ring to a female classmate who later returned the white gold ring but told him she had lost the diamond ring, The Lakeland (Fla.) Ledger reported.

The boy told police another boy in his class had his mother's emerald and sapphire ring and offered to return them for a reward. Another classmate received a sapphire ring, the boy told police.

Police said the boy was arrested and charged with grand theft. He was taken to the Bay County Department of Juvenile Justice.

Man cleared of at-home indecent exposure

SPRINGFIELD, Va., April 9 (UPI) -- A Virginia man was acquitted of indecent exposure in his own home, his second trial on the charges after an appeals court overturned his initial conviction.

Erick Williamson, 29, who was convicted of indecent exposure in December by a Fairfax General District judge, appealed the conviction. He was found not guilty Wednesday by a Fairfax County Circuit Court jury after less than 20 minutes of deliberations, The Washington Post reported.

Williamson was charged after two women reported seeing him standing naked in the doorway to the carport at his Springfield home Oct. 19. One of the women was accompanied by her 7-year-old son.

Williamson, who admitted going about his morning routine nude Oct. 19, denied standing in his carport doorway and said he never intended for anyone to see him. He said he would have covered up if he had known he was visible to passersby.

"It's a weight off my shoulders," Williamson said after Wednesday's verdict. "I think it sets the record straight. It was an innocent action."

Valuable wedding ring found in sewer line

TIGARD, Ore., April 9 (UPI) -- Officials and utility workers in Tigard, Ore., said they were trying to find the owner of a valuable wedding ring found in a sewer line.

City officials said they were keeping specific details of the custom wedding ring under wraps to prevent false claimants from having too much information about the item, KGW-TV, Portland, reported.

They said no one who has called about the ring has yet provided enough details about the piece of jewelry or where it was lost.

Ed Leniger, a senior Tigard Public Works employee, said he discovered a ring covered with "lots of diamonds" while clearing a sewer line with a powerful vacuum.

"(The owner) ought to be able to tell us what it looked like. It had to come through a drain either off the sink or from a toilet," Leniger said.

He said finding the owner of the ring, rather than selling it for the estimated thousands it is worth, "was a moral decision."

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