New York man sets 'Donkey Kong' record

NEW YORK, March 10 (UPI) -- A New York plastic surgeon's high score on classic video game "Donkey Kong" has been certified as a world record by the official electronic game scorekeeper.

Twin Galaxies, based in Ottumwa, Iowa, said the 1,061,700-point high score accumulated by Dr. Hank Chien, 35, on the machine in the home he shares with his brother defeated previous record holder Billy Mitchell's high score by 10,000 points, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.


Chien, a Harvard University and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine graduate, said he set up video cameras inside and outside the machine during the game and completed a 39-point checklist as required by Twin Galaxies regulations.

"It's something to add to my resume and it's something I can be proud of," he said. "People may ask for my autograph walking down the street, but I don't think it's going to change my life."

Chien said he was inspired to take up "Donkey Kong" as a hobby after watching the 2007 documentary "King of Kong," which featured Mitchell.

"This film made me realize that there was a whole group of people that were playing the classics, the games from the '80s," Chien said.


He said it did not take long to realize he had a knack for the game.

"Donkey Kong requires reflexes, it requires strategy, it requires foresight planning and timing," Chien said. "It requires everything, which is the beauty of the game."

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