Kids blame selves for air traffic trouble

NEW YORK, March 5 (UPI) -- A relative of a New York air traffic controller suspended for letting his 9-year-old twins operate the controls said the children blame themselves.

Larry Johnstone, brother-in-law of suspended Kennedy Airport air traffic controller Glenn Duffy, 48, said the twin boy and girl blame themselves for the punishment their father received for allowing them to give instructions to pilots Feb. 16 and 17, the New York Daily News reported Friday.


"The kids are upset," Johnstone said. "They feel it's their fault ... They're thinking, 'Daddy's in trouble because of me.'"

"The guy is the safest guy in the world. He wouldn't do anything that would hurt or put anybody in jeopardy," said Johnstone, the brother of Duffy's wife.

"We all bring our kids to work," he said. "That just happens to be his profession."

Duffy was suspended with pay pending the outcome of a Federal Aviation Administration investigation.

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