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16 exotic chickens taken from home

OCALA, Fla., March 5 (UPI) -- Authorities in Florida said someone stole nearly $5,000 worth of exotic chickens from a residence.


Marion County Sheriff's Deputies said the owner of the 10 hens and six roosters, each worth about $300, left his Ocala home at about 7 p.m. Monday and the birds were gone when he returned at about 2:20 p.m. Tuesday, WKMG-TV, Orlando, Fla., reported.

Deputies said the birds had metal tags in their wings reading "Owl's Nest."

Man in gorilla suit helps nab suspect

CANTERBURY, England, March 5 (UPI) -- British police said a kick from a man in a gorilla suit helped police catch a suspect fleeing from a fight at a supermarket.

Canterbury police said a 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and resisting arrest -- with the help of Andy Ingham, 30, who was dressed in a gorilla suit on a street corner Feb. 18 to promote his gym, Fit4Less, to commuters, reported.


"Obviously I had the gorilla suit on and had my hands full of bags as well," Ingham said. "The policewoman ran up the bridge and there was this guy running over the bridge.

"The police officer tried to arrest him, at which point he tried to resist -- he grabbed her and slammed her into the side of the bridge," Ingham said. "Then the man started running towards us and the police officer shouted 'assistance please!'"

Ingham delivered a kick to the suspect's legs that did not take the man down, but slowed him enough for police to catch up and arrest him.

Police said they are appealing to the public for information about the Feb. 18 fight at Tesco supermarket.

Dehydrated cat rescued from truck

BILLINGS, Mont., March 5 (UPI) -- Animal-shelter officials in Montana said a cat that stowed away in a truck from Utah appeared to have been without food or water "for quite a long time."

Nancy Lindstrom of Billings Animal Control said the cat was found Wednesday by workers at Albertson's warehouse in Billings while they were unloading the truck, which originated Tuesday from Salt Lake City, KTVQ-TV, Billings, reported.

Lindstrom said she initially believed the animal was feral after it hissed and growled at her, but the cat calmed down after she brought it back to the Animal Control office.


"I opened the box and she looked up at me and meowed at me. And I said, 'Aww, you're not feral.' I reached in and petted it," Lindstrom said. "Really nice, very sweet, didn't act wild, so I picked it up and it was just skin and bones."

Lindstrom said she took the cat to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, which shares a building with Animal Control.

"She's very thin and very dehydrated, so it makes me think she has been some place for far longer than 24 hours," shelter director Chris Anderson said. "Twenty-four hours without water, they're thirsty, but they would not be so dehydrated. She is truly bone thin. So she's been some place without food and water for quite a long time."

Anderson said the cat, estimated to be about 10 years old, has a strong chance of recovering.

Man dumped money while fleeing police

JONESBORO, Ga., March 5 (UPI) -- Authorities in Georgia said a man threw $76,656 from a duffel bag while fleeing sheriff's deputies on foot.

The Clayton County Sheriff's Tactical Operations unit said Torian Shahun Sharpe, 33, fled on foot Tuesday when deputies attempted to pull him over for making an improper lane change and driving on the wrong side of the road, WSB-TV, Atlanta, reported.


Deputies said Sharpe carried a duffel bag during the chase and emptied it of money, which was recovered and counted at $76,656. A department canine indicated there was drug residue on the money.

Sharpe, who was caught after a short foot chase, was arrested and charged with making an improper lane change, obstruction of an officer, fleeing from police, car window tint violations, reckless driving and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Authorities said the money is being considered abandoned property and may be donated to a program for unclaimed drug proceeds.

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