Man in gorilla suit helps nab suspect

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CANTERBURY, England, March 4 (UPI) -- British police said a kick from a man in a gorilla suit helped police catch a suspect fleeing from a fight at a supermarket.

Canterbury police said a 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and resisting arrest with the help of Andy Ingham, 30, who was dressed in a gorilla suit on a street corner Feb. 18 to promote his gym, Fit4Less, to commuters, reported Thursday.


"Obviously I had the gorilla suit on and had my hands full of bags as well," Ingham said. "The policewoman ran up the bridge and there was this guy running over the bridge."

"The police officer tried to arrest him, at which point he tried to resist -- he grabbed her and slammed her into the side of the bridge," he said. "Then the man started running towards us and the police officer shouted 'assistance please!'"

Ingham delivered a kick to the suspect's legs that did not take the man down, but slowed him enough for police to catch up and arrest him.

Police said they are appealing to the public for information about the Feb. 18 fight at Tesco supermarket.


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