Hundreds fight with lightsabers in Britain

BRISTOL, England, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- Participants in a British "flash mob" event said hundreds of "Star Wars" fans came out to a shopping center for a massive lightsaber battle.

Organizers of the flash mob -- defined as an event organized online involving a large group of people carrying out an unusual activity in public -- said hundreds of Jedi knights and Sith lords brought their lightsabers to the Cabot Circus shopping center in Bristol, England, Feb. 13 for what was dubbed "the world's largest lightsaber fight," The Sun reported Wednesday.


A four-minute YouTube video of the event has gained more than 124,000 views and the organizers said they have received a large amount of positive feedback from "Star Wars" and flash mob fans from all around the world.

"The comments we've had on the Web site have been really good, and we've had a massive response from people in America saying they should have something like that there," said Scott Waller, 20, who filed the YouTube video.

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