Sexlets gum claims to increase male libido

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NEW YORK, Feb. 13 (UPI) -- A Florida company says its chewing gum, Sexlets, can be purchased in New York by men hoping to increase their libido.

Tommy Babil said his new gum product can be purchased without a prescription and as a Sexlets consumer, he can attest to the product's effectiveness in the bedroom, The New York Daily News reported Friday.


"The first thing I noticed was more energy," Babil, 37, said. "Then, after about four days of chewing, I noticed the erections were stronger."

Not that Sexlets should be viewed as a cure for anything, Babil adds, simply a way for men to enjoy a noticeable boost to their libido.

"We don't claim to cure anything," he said. "It's more like a chewable vitamin. I chew my multi-vitamins every day and chew my Sexlets every day."

The Daily News said Sexlets contain all-natural items like ginseng and Vitamin E. A 15-stick pack of the gum can be purchased for $11.97 in New York.

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