State blamed for City Hall poo problems

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SACRAMENTO, Feb. 12 (UPI) -- City workers in the California capital blame the state's bird-repelling speakers for driving crows to defecate outside City Hall.

Sacramento city maintenance worker Danny Williams said the birds that make nightly visits to do their business on the sidewalks and statues outside City Hall came to the area because they were driven away from the nearby California Environmental Protection Agency building by speakers playing predatory bird sounds, The Sacramento Bee reported Friday.


"The birds got scared over there, so they came over to our trees," Williams said. "And it gets really frustrating. You clean and clean, and the next day, it's back. If I had all day, I still wouldn't get it all."

City officials said they are considering measures to divert the birds away from official buildings, but budget issues may prevent them from installing a sound system similar to the one employed by the state building.

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