Restaurant encourages bathroom sex

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TORONTO, Feb. 3 (UPI) -- A co-owner of a Toronto restaurant says she is encouraging patrons to have sex in its four unisex bathrooms to celebrate Valentine's Day.

In an e-mail sent to customers advertising the Feb. 12-15 Valentine's observance, Mildred's Temple Kitchen asks "Have you given any thought to moving beyond the bedroom?" and claims its bathrooms are among the "101 places to have sex before you die."


"We've always had little trysts in our bathrooms," chef and co-owner Donna Dooher told the Toronto Star.

She says condoms are not supplied and as she's anticipating a busy weekend, a maid will be hired to tidy the bathrooms during the promotional period.

As for hygiene, Jim Chan, Toronto Public Health food safety program manager, said the eatery wasn't breaking any bylaws as long as there's no sex in the kitchen and the bathrooms are kept clean.

"As far as bodily fluids, it's pretty much similar to the other human functions going on in there," he said.

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