Mummified woman's daughter runs for office

PIEDMONT, Calif., Jan. 25 (UPI) -- A California woman named a "person of interest" after her mother's mummified corpse was discovered is running for her local city council.

Nancy "Sunny" Bostrom, who was investigated by police in February after Patricia Bostrom's corpse was found mummified in her Piedmont home, announced she is running for the Piedmont City Council in this year's election, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.


Police said Patricia Bostrom, whose neighbors hadn't heard from her in six years, appeared to have been dead for several years when she was discovered in a chair in her unlocked house. They said an autopsy concluded she had died of natural causes but the body appeared to have been moved.

"We could never prove Nancy did it because she denied her mother was even dead to begin with," police Capt. John Hunt said.

Bostrom, who had been seen picking up mail and gardening at her mother's home for years, said she saw her mother alive only six weeks before her body was discovered and she thought the woman had gone traveling.

"It sounds very disturbing, naturally," Bostrom said of the story. However, she said the implication she did anything wrong "just isn't true."


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