Underwear not disguise enough for robber

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- An alleged robber's disguise -- women's panties -- wasn't enough to keep witnesses from identifying him, leading to an arrest by Indiana police, officials said.

A man brandishing a large knife and covering his face with underwear robbed a convenience store in Franklin, Ind. Monday. He made off with cash, cigarettes and a lighter, WRTV, Indianapolis reported Wednesday.


Despite the disguise, both a customer and the station clerk were able to give police a description of the robber detailed enough to lead police to set up surveillance around a Franklin home.

Officers spotted Larry Bernard stumbling and intoxicated with a 12-inch knife in his waistband, Franklin Police Lt Chris Tennell said.

Panties, cash, cigarettes and a lighter matching the stolen one were found in his pockets, police said.

Bernard was taken to Johnson County Jail and held on $21,000 bond, WRTV reported.

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